2018 Course Highlights



• Common pitfalls in opioid titration for acute pain

• Acute pain management for patients on long-term opioids

• Injectable buprenorphine, naloxone on discharge, and the latest strategies for opioid use disorder

• Non-opioid combination therapy for acute pain

• New strategies for reducing post-op pain requirements



• Testing and desensitization for β-lactam allergies

• Debunking contrast allergy myths

• Contemporary anaphylaxis management



• New data on VTE and occult malignancy

• The YEARS algorithm for PE

• Use of the HEART score and high-sensitivity troponin for chest pain

• Clopidogrel, prasugrel, ticagrelor: How to choose?

• Should we give O2 in acute MI?

• Should we be using PCSK9 inhibitors to prevent cardiovascular events?

• UA/NSTEMI: Invasive vs. conservative strategy?

• STEMI in the community hospital: Lytics vs. transfer for PCI?

• Iron repletion in heart failure

• New HF drugs: Valsartan/sacubitril and ivabradine—should we be using them?

• Strategies for overcoming diuretic resistance

• New onset heart failure: Are we overlooking ischemia?

• New risk score and guidelines on syncope

• Is 1-minute orthostatic testing good enough?

• New guidelines for periprocedural anticoagulation management in AF

• New apixaban protocol for cardioversion 

• New data: Ablation for symptomatic heart failure with AF?



• New guideline recommendations for neuroleptics in delirium

• What you need to know about dexmedetomidine and melatonin receptor agonists

• New FDA approval: Pimavanserin—first drug for psychosis in Parkinson's Disease

• New data: Visiting hours and ICU delirium



• Rapid-fire cases for insulin management

• New FDA-approved drugs for DM

• New data: DPP-4 inhibitors—an oral option for new onset DM2?

• What are the optimal glycemic targets for inpatients?

• Diagnosis and management of adrenal insufficiency



• Prognostic value of BUN in upper GI bleed

• New guidelines on the evaluation of abnormal liver chemistries

• Updated guidelines: Invasive vs. conservative management of biliary disorders

• New data: IV albumin + lactulose in severe hepatic encephalopathy

• Should we anticoagulate for portal vein thrombosis?

• Optimal timing of refeeding in acute pancreatitis

• New data: Endoscopy vs. surgery for pancreatic necrosis



• Red flags in hematology

• Newly FDA-approved direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) and reversal agents

• Pearls and case-based review of anemia in the hospitalized patient

• DOACs for MI, HIT, and cancer-associated VTE?

• First new sickle cell therapy in 20 years

• New guidelines on incidental pulmonary nodules

• Oncologic emergencies and diagnostic pearls



• Procalcitonin-guided treatment of acute respiratory infections

• New data: Triple therapy vs. oseltamivir alone for severe influenza 

• Updated IDSA/ATS guidelines for HAP and VAP

• Steroids, ß-lactam monotherapy, antibiotic duration, and other CAP updates

• CXR vs. chest CT for CAP

• Is the pendulum swinging? New data on antibiotics + I&D for skin abscess

• New definitions of sepsis and the qSOFA prediction score

• Do shaking chills predict bacteremia?

• New data: A vitamin C-thiamine-hydrocortisone cocktail for sepsis?

• Shock and vasopressors: What is the optimal MAP target?

• Common management dilemmas for UTI

• New FDA-approved antibiotics: Delafloxacin and meropenem/vaborbactam

• CDC health alert: Candida auris—what you need to know



• Case-based review of preoperative guidelines

• To BRIDGE or not to BRIDGE: Recommendations for perioperative anticoagulation

• New data: Should we hold ACE inhibitors before surgery?

• New data: Delayed hip fracture repair and mortality risk



• Mitigating reintubation risk with high-flow O2

• Noninvasive ventilation: A greater role for COPD exacerbation and post-DC?

• The LOTT trial: Rethinking home O2 in COPD

• The FLAME trial: Is the paradigm shifting away from inhaled steroids in COPD?

• New data: 1/3 of asthma misdiagnosed?



• Case-based review of electrolyte disorders

• Rethinking sodium bicarbonate and NAC for contrast-induced nephropathy

• New data: Does vancomycin + piperacillin/tazobactam increase the risk of kidney injury?

• Pearls for the management of HD patients



• Diagnostic pearls: Exam, arthrocentesis, and laboratories

• Recognizing rheumatologic emergencies

• New guidelines for acute gout



• Case-based review of TIA and CVA management

• In the community: When to transfer for endovascular therapy

• Guideline recommendations for thrombolysis and acute stroke management

• Practice change: PFO closure and ischemic stroke

• A new modality: CT perfusion for acute ischemic stroke